We are a no fluff low overhead creative company specializing in high quality creative expertise. It starts with BRANDING designed to create that perfectly differentiated place a brand can live. From there we move to "THE BIG IDEA" and creative content to help brands grow, thrive, and leapfrog their competitors.


Before founding unbundled in 2007, Cheryl Berman spent three decades at Leo Burnett, where she held Leo’s original job as Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. She played a vital role in bringing in more than half of the accounts that resided in the agency when she left, including McDonald’s, Disney, Hallmark, Petsmart, Altoids, Coca Cola, ConAgra and Kraft.

Cheryl was the first woman elected to Leo’s Board of Directors, Ad Woman of the year in 1997 and featured in Ad Age 100 most influential Women in Advertising in 2012. Cheryl left Leo Burnett shortly after it was purchased by Publicis. She started unbundled thanks to some awesome former clients and workmates asking “can you do this for me?”

“What a joy to be able to write, create and go back to the most enjoyable and rewarding part of being a creative person in our industry. I still supervise, but I probably learn more from today’s incredibly talented people than they do from me. Mix over three decades of experience with fresh knowledgeable, state of the art genius and...it doesn’t get much better.”

- Cheryl Berman


Great brands like great people have a distinctive look and personality. They know who they are and behave as such, constantly delivering their promise and evolving to stay relevant, memorable and successful.



It’s a concept, a promise, a movement that fuels a brand’s way forward. It could become a tagline or a rallying cry, but it is definitely a reason for being, a purpose. It’s why a brand gets up in the morning. It’s inspiration, motivation and communication. The “Big Idea” is that perfect description of why you exist.